ACM CHANTS is the first major workshop attended by top researchers, students, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry, to discuss new ideas and future directions in delay and disruption tolerant applications, also known as, Challenged networks. Such networks include those found in mobile and in-motion networking, dynamic wireless networks, heterogeneous and mobile sensor networks, interplanetary networking, and providing rural connectivity. Such networks are not well served by standard TCP/IP solutions, due to the prevalence of disconnection, disruption, intermittency, large delays, or other factors. This site provides an archive to all CHANTS workshops that have taken place.

Steering Committee

Kevin Fall, Intel Research Berkeley (chair)
Kevin Almeroth, UC-Santa Barbara
Mostafa Ammar, Georgia Tech
Christophe Diot, Thomson Research
Deborah Estrin, UC-Los Angeles
Jörg Ott, Helsinki University of Technology
James Scott, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Annual Workshops

Sep 25
Bejing, China
Martin May, Gunnar Karlsson, Ellen Zegura
Sep 15
San Fancisco, CA
Mostafa Ammar, Kostas Psounis
Sep 14
Montreal, Canada
Jörg Ott, Rajesh Krishnan
Sep 15
Pisa, Italy
Kevin Almeroth, James Scott
Aug 26
Philadelphia, PA
Kevin Fall, Srinivasan Keshav

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